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You can contact George at 1-905-670-0200


Like many others I began making knives because I couldn't find the type of knife I needed. That was many years ago and since then I have come to love the trade.

Knifemaking allows me to combine my manual skills and my love of the arts to produce hard working knives that are most often described as "works of art" by my customers.

440C  stainless steel is my blade material of choice for making knives of every description from outdoor knives, kitchen knives through to high-end art pieces, some with my own scrimshaw.   Recently I have included Stellite 6K a product of Deloro Stellite Ltd. (Belleville, Ont. Canada)  in my production line because it is virtually impervious to corrosion and has superior edge holding capability.

“Stellite® is a registered trademark of Deloro Stellite Holdings Corporation.” The Stellite 6K will be used primarily  for special "one of" designs only.  Stainless Stainless Damascus by Damasteel is another product that I have added to my line.  The "Random" pattern is my favourite, it's not as busy as many damascus pieces yet gives a wonderful contrast in layers. 




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Half-Guarded Bowie Iron Man Bowie

Sambar Stag
440C OAL14 1/2" BLADE 9 1/4"
Monel half Guard hand ground from solid bar stock
No file work (optional extra)
USA $532

Black Tie Bowie
440C-OAL 14½" Blade 8½"
Monel guard & pommel hand ground
Water Buffalo Horn handle
File work around handle
USA $476

Stag Handled Sheffield Style
Sambar Stag Handle
440C- OAL 16 1/2 Blade 10 3/4
Sterling Silver Name Plate
Monel Guard Hand ground and tooled by George
USA $1014

OAL 11 1/2" Blade 6" 440C

Brass guard, red deer stag

3/16" blade

Price $420 US




Photographs taken by Carol Tichbourne


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You can contact him at:

905-670-0200 or E-Mail at

Ontario, Canada 


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