David Childers, Spring Texas            Phone 281-444-8991

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dc83sm.jpg (18409 bytes)

White Ivory Alternative Handled fighter, nickel silver guard, 5 large stainless pins, black and stainless spacer, down handle, 6 7/8" blade, 12" overall length, satin finish 440C blade, 1/4 file art work.

dc61sm.jpg (20346 bytes)

Slant Thuyl Burlwood, Polish Elk Horn, white black white spacers on slant and double on back and front, 440C blade drop point,  full file artwork down blade and #5 on Blade,  303 Stainless Butt Cap.

dc82sm.jpg (22609 bytes)

Indian Sambar Stag, Bowie Knife,  440C stainless blade, mirror finish, 303 fingerguard, 13" overall, 7 3/4" blade

dc56sm.jpg (14992 bytes)

Stag Horn Hidden Tang handle, African Black wood spacers and triple black white spacers, 303 Butt Cap and guard, 440C blade.

dc29sm.jpg (14011 bytes)

White pearl handle, Brass bolster, 1/2 file art work on 440C upturn blade, 1/4 stainless thonghole.

dc62sm.jpg (20028 bytes)

Thuyl Burlwood slant, polish elk horn handle, 440 C larger skinner blade, satin finish on blade, 1/4 file art work down blade, Mammoth Ivory spacer on 303 stainless butt cap.

dc64sm.jpg (15606 bytes)

Full Tang, Sambar Indian Stag Handle, finger grip handle, 6 303 stainless pins, 3/4 file art work down 440C blade.

dc60sm.jpg (3828 bytes)

Golden Elk horn handle, 2 triple spacers, 303 stainless guard and butt cap, big blade 440C, satin finish skinner.

Contact Information:
David Childers    4106 Mossy Oaks West     Spring, TX  77389      Phone:   281-444-8991

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