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Knives have been a part of my life since I was about 5 1/2 years old, and my brother gave me my first pocket knife. I grew up hunting and fishing in the piney woods of East Texas, where I used a knife several times a day. I got the knifemaking bug in 1996 when a friend brought a garbage bag full of magazines, and while I was going through them I found an old Knives Illustrated magazine that had an article on the ribbon cutting at the Bill Moran Bladesmithing School at Old Washington, Arkansas. Seeing some of the knives in it was all I needed.  I emptied the garbage bag and got all of the knife magazines out to look at the knives and see what equipment it takes to make them. I started gathering the equipment, and learning what I could, but knew I would not be happy until I got to take the intro class at Old Washington.                                  

In October of 1998 I took the intro class taught by Dr.James Batson. I became a member of the American Bladesmith Society in January of 1999. In August of 99,  I traveled to Butte, Montana and spent two weeks learning my Damascus with Bob Bizzell (winner of best new maker,Montana Knifemakers Assocition 1998,and best Damascus blade,Montana Knifemakers Association 2000 show).

In March of 2000, I went back to Old Washington, and took the Inner Locking Folder class, taught by Mel Pardue, and Van Elkins, and the Advanced Folder class, taught by Darrell Ralph. 

I am the original founder of the Texas Knifemakers and Collectors Association. The last two years, I have been spending four or five three day weekends working with Mastersmith Bruce Fuller, and attending hammer-ins when possible.        

I make one of a kind Damacus, and high carbon knives,using the best materials, and natural handle materials. I test all knives before the handle goes on.    All heat treating is done in a digital controlled Paragon oven. I use a digital readout on my forge, so I know the temperature and do not rely on colors that can be percieved different with varying light conditions.   

Charlie Rogers

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This knife has four bar composite of my high contrast twist of 15N20 and 1084, stacked buffalo handle with red spacers between layers and nickle silver caps.  It is file worked in rope pattern on back of blade.  Balance is perfect.  It has a modified W pattern guard and W pattern finale. 


The mini Bowie has Elephant Ivory, mortise tang construction handle scales, twist damascus of 15N20 and 1084. It  is 3 1/8" overall.    The dagger has Abalone handles scales, 1/4 squashed random pattern of 15N20 and 1084.  It is 3 1/4"  overall.   Nickle silver pins.

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Phone:   936-326-4496

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