1010 N.W. 2nd - Andrews, TX  79714     Phone:   915-523-6689      E-mail:  ddushane@powr.net

Dwayne Dushane started making knives in 1986 and in 1995 became a full time knifemaker.  He uses the stock removal method and does all phases of the knives himself.  He uses high quality materials.  All woods and other handle materials are stabilized as much as possible.  He uses ATS-34, 440C, D-2 and Damascus from top notch makers. 

The pictures that you see on this page are just a small portion of the knives that Dwayne makes. You can see more of Dwayne's knives at his website http://members.cox.net/ddushane.   He makes several different styles and sizes of slip joint folders, lockbacks, skinning knives, collectibles, and small gentlemen's folders.    If you don't see what you are looking for, call Dwayne at 915-523-6689 or e-mail him at ddushane@powr.net

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legacysm.jpg (8154 bytes)

"The Legacy"

Devin Thomas double stainless damascus, full vine type filework, beautiful mother of pearl handle and 416 ss fittings.  The four smaller blades are 1/16" thick and the three larger ones are 3/32" thick.  It is 4" long closed and about 13/16" wide.


classictrappersm.jpg (11930 bytes)

"The Classic Trapper"

This one is a standard size trapper, 3 13/16" long closed with 3" ATS-34 blades.  It has full vine type filework, 416ss fittings, and Sandbar stag scales.  Price as shown $495.00

  gentslittrappersm.jpg (6010 bytes)

"Gent's Little Trapper"

Just 2 7/8", fits real nice in a pair of dress pants.  With or without file work.  This one has ivory scales and full vine type filework.   As shown $425.00


biggentsm.jpg (6722 bytes)

"Big Gent"

Medium size lockback folder.  Mirror polished ATS-34 hollow ground blade.  Pink ivory scales, nickel silver fittings and vine type filework from one end to the other.  Liners and bolsters are one piece.  As shown $425.00



sirwaldhelmsm.jpg (3174 bytes)

"Sir Waldhelm"

1095 Nickel damascus bolsters, jeweled titanium liners, Mastadon cabachon in the thumb stud, Mastadon Ivory scales.  "S-type" file work.   Price as shown $795.00

magesticsm.jpg (3730 bytes)


3" Devin Thomas double stainless damascus blade,  1095/nickel bolsters, thermal gold screws, oosic scales, full vine type filework inside & out, jeweled liners.  Price as shown $875.00


You can see more of Dwayne Dushane's work at his website http://members.cox.net/ddushane   
You can contact him at 915-523-6689 or email him at ddushane@powr.net
If you contact Dwayne, please let him know you saw his work at Top of Texas Knives.
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